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🌟 A Heartfelt Thank You to Our Amazing Supporters! 🌟

We are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible support shown to Team Jiggle Wiggle during the Parkinson's Foundation's Moving Day Tampa event on April 27th. Together, Team Jiggle Wiggle raised over $2500 to aid in research and support services for individuals and families affected by Parkinson's disease.

Walking alongside over a thousand participants this morning was not just a testament to our collective commitment but also a powerful display of unity and hope. Your generosity and dedication are truly inspiring, and I am deeply touched by the impact we've made together.

A special shoutout to the staff and volunteers who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to organize such a fantastic event. Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed, and your efforts have undoubtedly made a difference in the lives of those battling Parkinson's.

Thank you once again to everyone who supported, donated, and participated in Moving Day Tampa. Your contributions will go a long way in providing vital resources and assistance to those in need. Let's continue to stand together in the fight against Parkinson's and spread awareness for this important cause!

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