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Unveiling Insights: Tidewater Solutions Group, LLC Recaps Sales Xceleration’s 2024 State of Sales eBook

Updated: May 8

May 7, 2024 - Shawn Dunahue, representing Tidewater Solutions Group, LLC and powered by Sales Xceleration, recently spearheaded an insightful presentation delving into the findings of the eagerly anticipated eBook, "2024 State of Sales | Small to Mid-Sized Businesses," published by Sales Xceleration. The event, attended by a cohort of industry professionals, shed light on crucial survey results extracted from 4,425 respondents who underwent the 4.0 Sales Agility Assessment in 2023.

The focal point of the presentation was an in-depth analysis of how small to mid-sized businesses perceive and operate within their sales ecosystems. With data gleaned from the comprehensive survey, Dunahue elucidated on various aspects, including organizational structures, strategic frameworks, methodologies, and the analytical paradigms employed by these enterprises.

The audience was treated to a panoramic view of the challenges and triumphs encountered by businesses in navigating the ever-evolving sales landscape. By dissecting the survey results, Dunahue elucidated on the nuanced strategies adopted by thriving entities, juxtaposed with the pain points faced by those grappling with market volatility and shifting consumer behaviors.

"Small to mid-sized businesses represent the backbone of our economy, and understanding their sales dynamics is pivotal for driving sustainable growth," remarked Dunahue during the presentation. "The insights gleaned from the 2024 State of Sales eBook provide a roadmap for organizations seeking to fortify their sales strategies and adapt to the demands of a rapidly evolving marketplace."

The presentation served as a catalyst for introspection and dialogue amongst attendees, fostering an exchange of ideas and best practices aimed at empowering businesses to navigate the complexities of the sales landscape effectively.

As the business landscape continues to evolve, initiatives such as the 2024 State of Sales eBook provide invaluable insights that serve as guiding beacons for enterprises charting their course towards success in an ever-changing marketplace.

For more information on the findings of the 2024 State of Sales eBook and to access the full report, please visit the Sales Xceleration website to download a free copy.

The recorded presentation is now accessible for viewing on

Contact: Shawn Dunahue @ 941-320-2131 or

About Tidewater Solutions Group, LLC: Tidewater Solutions Group, LLC (TSG) provides Fractional/Outsourced VP of Sales & CRO services, concentrating on helping small and mid-size companies optimize their sales strategy, process, and execution.  TSG helps companies with hiring the sales force, transforming the companies’ sales culture, implementing new sales processes, and instilling best practices.  TSG focuses not only on the strategic level but also at the tactical level, all to help companies achieve record-breaking sales results.  For additional information, please visit

About Sales Xceleration: Sales Xceleration® is an industry pioneer in providing Fractional Sales Leadership and Outsourced Sales Leadership to small and mid-sized businesses looking to amplify their sales performance. With a legion of experienced Sales Consultants who embody the values of strategy development and sales team management, Sales Xceleration® stands as the keystone for businesses aiming to achieve sustainable sales growth. For additional information, please visit

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