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Why Does the Company's Focus on Results Clash with Job Descriptions Emphasizing Activities?

As a VP of Sales, I urge you to take a critical look at the job descriptions within your team. Are they merely lists of tasks and activities, or do they articulate the outcomes and results we expect from motivated individuals? Most descriptions tend to emphasize activities rather than the tangible results and contributions we seek. This approach risks attracting individuals motivated solely by completing tasks rather than driving impactful outcomes aligned with our company's growth plan and vision.


Instead of focusing solely on activities, job descriptions should clearly outline the key deliverables and desired results that align with our long-term objectives. After all, what truly matters is achieving the desired results, as long as the methods used are ethical and within company guidelines. It's about finding the right person for the role, someone who can drive the outcomes we need to succeed in the marketplace.


By shifting the focus of job descriptions from activities to results, we not only attract individuals who are aligned with our business needs but also set clear expectations for success. Let's ensure that our job descriptions reflect our vision for the future and our commitment to driving meaningful results.

Tidewater Solutions Group, LLC is dedicated to assisting you in meeting your hiring requirements. We specialize in crafting precise, results-oriented job descriptions tailored to your needs, as well as sourcing and recruiting top talent to drive your business towards its revenue goals. Contact us now to schedule a complimentary consultation and discover how we can support your hiring endeavors.

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