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04. Sales Facilitator

Tidewater Solutions Group, LLC

Sales Xceleration Framework

The Sales Xceleration Framework, as part of the Certified Sales Operating and Management System, is a vital component for establishing a robust sales strategy, creating actionable plans, and ensuring accountability towards achieving the revenue and departmental goals of your business. Here's a sample on how Tidewater Solutions Group can help facilitate this framework methodology effectively through a series of meetings, workshops, and activities:

Alignment Meetings

  • Initiate meetings with leadership to ensure alignment on the overarching business objectives and sales targets.

  • Use these sessions to discuss the vision, mission, and strategic priorities of the company.

Workshop Series

  • Conduct a series of workshops aimed at diving deep into various aspects of the sales strategy and execution.

  • These workshops should cover topics such as market analysis, customer segmentation, value proposition development, and sales process optimization.

Defining Key Deliverables and Milestones

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to define key deliverables and associated milestones that are aligned with the business's revenue and departmental goals.

  • Break down these objectives into manageable tasks and establish clear timelines for achieving them.

Alignment of Sales Activities

  • Ensure that sales activities are aligned with the broader direction and needs of the business.

  • Discuss and determine the most effective sales tactics, channels, and approaches for reaching target customers.

Establishing Accountability

  • Define roles and responsibilities within the sales team to ensure clarity and accountability.

  • Implement mechanisms for tracking progress towards goals and holding team members accountable for their performance.

Regular Progress Reviews-Quarterly

  • Conduct regular progress reviews to evaluate the effectiveness of sales strategies and initiatives.

  • Use these reviews to identify any challenges or bottlenecks and make necessary adjustments to stay on course.

By guiding members through this series of meetings, workshops, and activities, Tidewater Solutions Group can effectively implement the Sales Xceleration Framework. This will ensure that sales activities are properly aligned with the direction and needs of the business, leading to improved performance and achievement of revenue and departmental goals.

 Over 30 Years of Hands-on Leadership

Your Sales Problems Won’t be a Problem for Tidewater Solutions Group

  • Growth: Experiencing stagnate/declining sales, or are you growing too quickly and can’t scale?

  • Stress: Doing too many things (and none as well as you could), and frustrated by the lack of control you feel?

  • Balance: Are you inundated with day-to-day decisions, instead of focusing time on new ideas and ways to drive the business forward?

  • Plan: Do you have a clear roadmap outlining how to build a solid sales infrastructure?

If you find yourself facing uncertainty about the road ahead, you are not alone. Business leaders of all sizes face this. Tidewater Solution Group's Fractional Sales Services will help you reclaim control of your sales organization. 

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